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With lip aesthetics, you can have natural, harmonious and full lips.

Lips are the most important part of a beautiful face. You can have lip aesthetics to have more shaped, voluminous and compatible lips.

Lip aesthetics is preferred to give the lips a fuller and voluminous appearance. Thanks to lip aesthetics, you can reveal your lip line, and permanent lip fullness can be obtained by shaping your thin lip structure.

What is Lip Aesthetics?

The shape of the lips is a must for an attractive face. The lips may be congenitally thin and misshapen. It may lose its fullness over time. One of the places most valued by women is their lips. Voluminous and full lips have a great meaning for women. Not just as an image, it gives women confidence and helps them feel attractive.

Women who find their lips small and thin can achieve a thicker and fuller appearance thanks to lip aesthetics initiatives that offer permanent solutions to the lips with small procedures. These filling applications include fat injection, collagen or hyaluronic acid.

Permanent Lifted Lips with Lip Lift

You can get a younger face with lip lift aesthetics. It is an operation that we recommend for people who want the upper lip to be more raised. There is a curved structure on the lip that comes from both sides, so the operation is called angel wing. What makes the lip area beautiful is actually the small fold in the upper part. With aging around the lips and too many fillings, the image here deteriorates over time. In this way, the lip goes down and has a flat structure. In our lip lift operation, our aim is to lift the lip with a small part from the edge of the nose wing, thus creating both the phytral columns and lifting the lip corners a little higher. We can actually call the angel lip lift operation a smile aesthetic. The long distance between the lip and the nose is not only due to aging, we sometimes see this in very young patients. We can also create these columns in young people. We sometimes do this with filling applications. However, we apply to lip lift aesthetics for our patients who want to have permanent fillings rather than fillings. Thus, a more natural image is formed and it is more permanent.

What is Lip Filling?

The most preferred method in lip aesthetic interventions is hyluronic acid filler injections. This method is a non-surgical method and can be applied to the patient quickly and practically. Filling, which is an effortless and safe method, is applied in as little as 10 minutes with the help of a very fine-headed needle.

Is lip filler permanent?

Filling, which can also be used for lip plumping, shaping, contour protection, sagging and lip asymmetries, shows its effect for 4-6.5 months. Repetition of the procedure is one of the most important factors affecting permanence.

What is the healing process after lip augmentation?

There may be swelling in the lip after the lip augmentation procedure. Bruises may occur at the needle insertion sites. But this will be completely gone after 2-3 days. If you follow the doctor’s instructions with ice compress, you will not encounter a problem. The lip area is a very sensitive area. Therefore, it is very important that the method chooses the right application by the doctor in order to give volume. Lip aesthetic procedures should be performed by an experienced plastic surgeon.

Who is lip aesthetics suitable for?

In addition to thickening thin lips a little, we can recommend this method to patients who have lost their old lip fullness due to the reduction of soft tissues over time and who want to get rid of fine wrinkles around the lips. These operations are very effective for women who dream of thick lips.

What is fat injection?

With the fat injection method, it is possible to obtain a thick and fuller appearance on the lips. Fat injection is performed under appropriate hospital conditions and under local anesthesia. The fat taken from the part of the body with excess fat is injected back into the lips after the necessary processing. If the patient has different deep wrinkles on his face, it can also be used in the treatment. The process takes about 1 hour. Since it will be done under sedation, the patient is discharged after being kept under observation for a few hours.

What is the recovery process like after fat injection?

You can go home after the operation and continue your daily life. It is quite normal to have a small amount of edema in the area where fat is applied after the surgery. Especially since the lip is a much more sensitive area, it swells much more than expected. This is a very normal process. You can massage your lips with ice. It is possible for the lip to recover and take its final shape after 2 weeks.

Is the oil injection applied to the lips permanent?

Within 3-6 months after the fat injection operation, 50% of the cells placed will melt and be absorbed by the body. Therefore, the fat taken under the control of a specialist physician may need to be repeated in different sessions. With the help of state-of-the-art devices, the fats taken can be injected into the needed area without contacting with air. Thus, there will be less tissue loss, in this case, the permanence of the fats is extended.

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Nullam quis risus eget urna mollis ornare vel eu leo. Aenean lacinia bibendum nulla sed 

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Nullam quis risus eget urna mollis ornare vel eu leo. Aenean lacinia bibendum nulla sed