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What is Hair Mesotherapy?

Hair mesotherapy; It is the process of applying the substances that the hair needs to be strong and healthy, directly to the scalp. Hair mesotherapy also provides support for dormant hair follicles to pass into the growth phase. Hair loss is a problem that can affect everyone, male or female. The most common androgenic (male) type of hair loss is and mesotherapy is one of the important tools we have in combating it.

So what does mesotherapy mean?

The word mesotherapy consists of the combination of the Greek words “mesos” and “therapia”. Mesos; medium and therapia means therapy/treatment. In this case, mesotherapy means the treatment of the middle layer of the skin.

Hair mesotherapy can also be defined as microinjection in small doses applied to the middle layer of the scalp with the aim of feeding the hair follicles using fine-tipped needles.

The effectiveness of hair mesotherapy; It is so superior that it cannot be compared with the support products applied externally to the hair and scalp.

In addition, mesotherapy; It is an effective treatment method used for the treatment of cellulite, facial rejuvenation, scars and cracks on the skin.


How Does Hair Mesotherapy Work?

Hair basically consists of two main parts; “hair follicle/hair root” under the skin and “hair strand” on the skin. Structures called “dermal papilla” and “matrix” in the hair root have a critical role in hair growth. As the new cells in the dermal papilla and matrix in the hair follicle grow, the old cells are pushed upwards onto the skin and thus hair strands are formed.

The main causes of hair loss; insufficient nutrition of hair follicles, insufficient vascularization / blood circulation feeding hair follicles, hormonal imbalances.

In order for the hair mesotherapy application to be effective; It is necessary to make injections that go down to the “dermal papilla and matrix” in the hair follicle, which has an important role in hair formation. In other words, during hair mesotherapy; Missing minerals, vitamins, and substances that increase blood circulation should be injected into the middle layer of the scalp at the right depth.

However, with hair mesotherapy performed at the right depth, the dermal papilla and matrix of the hair follicle get the vitamin and mineral support they need, thus strengthening the hair follicles, stopping hair loss and thickening the hair strands.

What should be considered in the products selected for hair mesotherapy?

The products chosen for hair mesotherapy must first have the effects of stopping hair loss. Each hair mesotherapy ampoule; It should be rich in products that have stimulating effects on hair growth, slow down the wear process of the hair, and strengthen the structure of the hair follicles and hair.

In hair mesotherapy, the mixtures selected for the purpose are given under the skin at the right depth, in small doses, with special needles and special techniques. Mesotherapy products that reach the ends of the capillaries that feed the hair follicles in the middle layer of the scalp quickly show their effect. The applied hair mesotherapy product should contain vitamins, minerals, special building block proteins, antioxidants and substances that increase regional blood circulation.


Will I Suffer During Hair Mesotherapy Application?

The needles used in hair mesotherapy treatment are very thin in diameter. However, some patients may feel some pain during the application. Anesthetic creams may be more difficult to absorb on the scalp. Dr.Handan Yavuz, before each hair mesotherapy; He applies a specially prepared anesthetic spray and waits 20 minutes for it to become numb. The anesthetic agent, which is in the form of a spray, penetrates the scalp more easily and minimizes the discomfort of the people during the application. Thus, Dr.Handan aims to minimize the risk of patients feeling pain during hair mesotherapy.


Are There Any Side Effects of Hair Mesotherapy?

Hair mesotherapy does not have certain side effects. However, whether you have a sensitivity to drugs and other substances used in mesotherapy should be evaluated by the physician before treatment.

It is known that the very low drug doses given in hair mesotherapy reduce the risk of side effects.

The most important point to remember is; If bad results are not desired, care should be taken to ensure that the application is made by the physician and that the products to be used in mesotherapy are approved by the Ministry of Health.


How long does Hair Mesotherapy take?

Hair mesotherapy varies according to the size of the area to be applied.

An average hair mesotherapy session in our hair health clinic takes about 60-90 minutes. Because;

Dr. Handan Yavuz waits for the effect of the anesthetic cream for 20 minutes before each mesotherapy.
Every hair mesotherapy application in our clinic starts with a “dermapen” used for microinjection, which lasts for 15-20 minutes.
After Dermapen application, the patient’s scalp

Injections are made by selecting the appropriate needle tip and depth. Injection takes about 15-20 minutes.
Dr. Handan completes the hair mesotherapy session with “electroporation”, which lasts for 10 minutes at the last stage. Electroporation ensures the absorption of all the mesotherapy product in the scalp and accelerates the transition of the hair to the growth phase.

How Many Sessions of Hair Mesotherapy Should Be Applied?
It is certain that your hair follicles will benefit from even a single session of hair mesotherapy. However, as in every treatment, how many sessions of hair mesotherapy should be applied in order to achieve the desired results may differ from person to person. Treatment planning; It is custom made to suit the current problem, hair type, skin characteristics and general condition.

However, to generalize;

People who experience hair loss usually need 4-6 sessions of mesotherapy to prevent hair loss. This is because; It passes into the growth phase of the hair follicle in approximately 3-6 months.
When the hair loss is stopped, protection treatment is started. This treatment is usually planned as a 3-6 session mesotherapy cure once a year. Again, depending on the person, the number of sessions can be increased or decreased.

Can Hair Mesotherapy be Applied at All Ages?
Hair mesotherapy; It is a hair treatment method that can be easily applied to women and men of all ages, who experience hair problems such as hair loss, weakness, thinning, dulling and wear. Since it is not used in applications such as incisions, there are no problems in sensitive patients.


Who Is Hair Mesotherapy Suitable For?
Those suffering from hair loss
Those who want to protect their existing hair before or after hair transplantation
Those who notice thinning and weakness in their hair
Those who complain that their hair loses shine and volume
Those who want to compensate for hair loss due to any treatment (for example, chemotherapy)
Those who have severe hair loss complaints in their family
Those who have a family member who had a hair transplant due to hair loss in their family
Those who complain of significant but short-term hair loss due to intense stress
Those who want to compensate for the damage they have suffered due to any treatment applied to the hair (such as dyeing the hair or burning it during another treatment at the hairdresser).
Those who have the problem of delayed hair growth
Those who complain that their hair breaks easily, looks dull and unkempt
Those who experience the condition that the hair cannot recover after excessive blow-drying, dyeing, etc. processes,
People who experience rapid hair loss as a result of diet
Those who want to compensate for hair loss after pregnancy

What are the Substances Used in Hair Mesotherapy?
During the application of hair mesotherapy, the products injected by the physician into the areas in need should contain many substances such as vitamins, minerals and growth factors.

In our hair health clinic, we use products of European origin, registered by our Ministry of Health, in accordance with European Union standards.

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