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Dentures in Istanbul, Turkey

No need to pour tons of money for your dental treatment in your local dentist. Istanbul is the perfect place to get high quality and affordable dental treatment. Turkish doctors are known for their successes throughout the world. Medical school is the toughest school to complete in Turkey. Besides, who doesn’t want to turn their dental treatment into a holiday in a beautiful and historical place like Istanbul? Enjoy historical sites, Bosphorus, multicultural society of Istanbul, and our delicious Turkish food during your stay here.

Why Choose Post Modern Clinic?

Our clinic is an exclusive and one of the rare clinics that treat and tend to patients individually. We do not accept groups of patients and treat them in batches. Because we believe it lowers the quality of the treatment and the comfort of the patient. We do not see the number of patients and their treatments as a numbers game. We do not compromise quality for the sake of quantity. You will feel yourself unique in Luis Bien Esthetic. Because you are special to us as every other patient, we have.

You might have heard some disappointment stories from your friends about other clinics. Unfortunately, there are some unethical practices in a lot of clinics that causes these disappointments. One of them is employing young doctors with low wages and putting them to 16-18 hours of work in a day to make more money. We do not do that. In Post Modern Clinic, our doctors are top quality and experienced specialists in their fields.

Another problem in many other clinics you might have heard is deceiving patients in quoting the treatment. They send a low quote to the patient to draw him/her to the clinic, and suddenly they come up with different treatment plan and raise the cost of the treatment when you arrive to the clinic. We never ever do that. Before you come to Turkey, our international patients department and doctors will make every effort to pinpoint your treatment cost. So, no disappointments, no surprises in our clinic!


What Are Dentures/Prosthetic Teeth?

Artificial teeth placed in order to complete dental deficiencies due to different reasons and to ensure oral integrity are referred to as prostheses. Deficiencies and disruption of oral health can be solved by prosthetic teeth.

There are fixed dentures and removable dentures. Fixed dentures are applied by the bonding method. Crowns, bridges or similar applications form fixed dentures. These dentures can be worn and removed by dentists because they are fixed in the structural context and do not show mobility. Methods such as zirconium or porcelain tooth coating may be preferred for fixed dentures.

Removable prostheses, on the other hand, can be easily removed and worn by the patient. There are total prosthesis, partial prosthesis, sensitive prosthesis and overdentures in this category of prostheses.

Who Needs Dentures?

Denture Treatment can be applied to anyone who has missing teeth. Fixed dentures are applied to patients who have partial teeth loss. Removable dentures are made in case of loss of all teeth.

How Is The Treatment Process?

In the first stage of treatment, the dentist takes the measurements. Three-dimensional digital scanning methods are used in the measurements performed in Luis Bien Esthetic. With these methods, the process is made comfortable and fast. After the measurement, the color tone is selected and modeling occurs. In order to observe the harmony of the model in the mouth, a test is performed first. Some corrections can be made according to the result of the test. Prostheses bonded with special adhesives become ready for use.

In the treatment of removable prosthesis, measurement procedures are done first. Following the measurement procedures, dental samples formed by special methods are placed in the patient to observe the harmony in the mouth. If there are no problems, prostheses are created. Finally, the integration process is done.

What Are The Features of Dentures?

Dental deficiencies in the mouth can cause damage not only in the region where they are located but also in the surrounding areas. The absence of teeth in a region also affects the teeth on the right and left of the cavity to a large extent. Teeth positioned next to the cavity will bend over time. In addition, if regular maintenance is not done, inflammation will occur, and this inflammation will spread to the adjacent teeth. The inflammation of the teeth and gums causes further problems.

The main advantage of prosthetic teeth includes the protection of adjacent teeth. The displacement, slipping or inclination of natural teeth can be prevented by a prosthesis. The deficiencies in the teeth make it difficult to chew, prevent speech, and extend the grinding process. With these prosthesis applications, these problems are completely eliminated. Missing teeth also cause some psychological problems in daily life. In some cases, providing a good appearance and aesthetic smile is possible with prosthesis.

How Are Our Prices Much More Affordable Than Your Local Dentist?

You might be asking yourself how come our prices are this much affordable. You might also be wondering about the quality of the treatment. Let us assure you that we use the highest quality dental materials, same or better than your local dentist. In addition, every country has different living costs as you might have known. So, in Turkey, living cost is so low. As a result, the salaries of the doctors, any costs of the clinic (rents and utilities) and tax rates are lower too. This situation becomes our patients’ advantage and we can provide top quality treatment at affordable prices.
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Promotion nulla vitae elit libero a pharetra augue

Nullam quis risus eget urna mollis ornare vel eu leo. Aenean lacinia bibendum nulla sed 

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Promotion nulla vitae elit libero a pharetra augue

Nullam quis risus eget urna mollis ornare vel eu leo. Aenean lacinia bibendum nulla sed